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Our philosophy

Visionary thinking is what drives us to achieve new goals.

The Müller Group is one of the largest fresh meat producers in Germany. We're known throughout Europe as a supplier of quality meat.

With dedication and belief in our mission, we draw on our in-depth expertise in the production of fresh meat products across five production sites in southern Germany.

Our daily work combines manual skills with modern process and data technology. We endeavour to produce high-quality, innovative meat products with assured provenance in accordance with the highest safety standards.

Informed, conscious action in all areas and departments of the company shape our day-to-day conduct and company culture.

Your meat specialists from southern Germany!

Shaping the future

60 years of expertise and responsibility in the production of fresh meat!
We're proud of what was created by our father Horst Müller, the visionary who founded and built the group of companies.

Our aim is to shape the future in a positive way, and we're delighted to embrace this great responsibility.

We wish to take this opportunity to express our thanks to our employees, customers and suppliers. The companies of the Müller Group can only succeed on the market with the support of these partners

Companies of the Müller Group


Müller Fleisch GmbH
Industriestr. 42
D-75217 Birkenfeld
Tel. +49 7231 48 38-0
Fax +49 7231 48 38-120



Bayreuther Fleisch GmbH
Drossenfelder Str. 11
D-95445 Bayreuth
Tel. +49 921 745 407-0
Fax +49 921 745 407-60



Ulmer Fleisch GmbH
Steinbeisstraße 17
D-89079 Ulm
Tel. +49 731 94 644-0
Fax +49 731 94 644-66



Ingolstädter Fleisch
Scheelestraße 18
D-85053 Ingolstadt
Tel. +49 841 96 516-0
Fax +49 841 96 516-16



Süddeutsches Schweinefleischzentrum Ulm Donautal GmbH
Steinbeisstraße 17
D-89079 Ulm
Tel. +49 731 270 62-0
Fax +49 731 270 62-290


Müller Fleisch - The headquarters in Birkenfeld

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