Innovative thinking is a key factor for future success

Privately managed slaughter and cutting company Müller Fleisch is built on future-oriented thought and action combined with many years of experience. A successful future means embracing the ever-changing requirements of dynamic markets, planning ahead and acting innovatively.

Accordingly, the range of services offered by family company Müller Fleisch is constantly being optimised. All objectives and activities are geared towards ongoing changes in the meat market.

Thanks to this company philosophy, our third generation family business continues to thrive as a state-of-the-art slaughter and cutting company - one of Germany's most successful.

A sense of responsibility and foresight are the driving force behind our actions, ensuring we continue to meet the high demands of the market in the future.

The Müller name has been associated with the fresh meat industry for more than 60 years. We work according to the motto "quality based on tradition", combined with a keen sense of responsibility.

As a family company, we recognise that success can only be achieved with first-class products and satisfied employees. For us, the trust of our customers is a must. It shapes our company culture and the way we view ourselves. Responsibility for our products and customers is at the heart of how we think and act. Similarly, we place a high emphasis on close relationships to our market partners and the fulfilment of individual wishes.

Innovation has been at the heart of our expansion since the company was founded. Social responsibility, animal welfare and sustainability shape our daily actions. With our extensive range of beef and pork products, we have been able to successfully demonstrate our competitiveness on a national and international stage.

The Müller Family