"Production also plays a role in quality!"

“Quality is the basis for our production operations.” This is the motto according to which quality assurance teams in Müller Group companies carry out their work in production every single day. The main focus of the quality assurance team is to support all departments in their daily work - from the delivery of live animals, raw materials and various consumer goods to the delivery of end products to our customers. On the administrative side of the business, the heads of the various departments are supported by the QA team as part of their tours. Our product inspectors are on site around the clock to oversee the production of prepackages for end users and carry out quality checks  such a metal detector tests, gas and temperature measurements and leakage tests. Numerous samples and tests at independent external laboratories complete the range of assurance measures and ensure the close monitoring of various quality features of our products.

The quality assurance department makes a further important contribution in the form of an extensive training plan. Training courses - from basic hygiene requirements to highly specialised, standards-related themes - are an important part of keeping all employees in the company up to date.
In addition to overseeing quality internally, another focus of the team is to provide an "open window" to the outside world. In cooperation with our sales department, they process and answer a range of inquiries from our customers on a daily basis - whether in relation to the coordination of product specifications, the creation of layouts for packaging materials or inquiries from individual end customers. At Müller Fleisch, we take your concerns seriously and look for solutions to meet your individual wishes. When it comes quality management, the team is responsible for maintaining our manual with a range of documents. They deal with a wide range of standards and ensure that these are implemented in the production area of the business.
The team is also responsible for answering  questions from independent certification companies and supervisory authorities as part of regular inspection visits and audits.