Core segment: Beef and pork

The MÜLLER Fresh Line

Uninterrupted refrigeration

Highest hygiene standards

Quality assurance monitoring at all stages of production

Qualified employees

Modern technology


In our modern, high-tech slaughtering facilities for beef and pork, the raw materials for our production departments are produced 6 days a week at all Müller sites in accordance with the highest hygiene standards.
Combined with the experience of our dedicated employees, technical know-how and ongoing investments in automation guarantee a starting product of the highest quality.

Quartering & cutting

Our production departments run on manpower. Despite modern conveyor technology with automatic target control, we depend on trained employees for all stages of production. Target control simplifies the sorting process and enables easy monitoring of the animal quality. Individual, animal-specific information on the slaughtered carcasses is recorded by scanning the slaughtering labels. This information is then stored centrally for the purposes of traceability and batch formation.

Vacuum production

Cutting and vacuum packaging at the highest standards of quality

Müller Fleisch supplies high quality, finely cut beef in any desired quantity.Our high product quality levels and individually requested cuts can only be made possible through tightly organised, often-automated operating processes as well as with the help of experienced, dedicated specialist staff.

Optimal refrigeration equipment in our cold stores - particularly in our new cold store building - guarantees the freshness and quality of our products. Product safety is guaranteed through regular checks as part of our quality management process.

Self-service meat production

Self-service meat and meat convenience products with a full selection of beef and pork - marinated, seasoned or filled for the pan, the oven or the grill. Thanks to state-of-the-art cutting, mincing, portioning, dosing and levelling equipment and to our efficient labelling and fresh meat packaging lines, we are able to supply our customers with products of consistently high quality and freshness.