The companies in the Müller Group are among the leaders in the German meat industry.

Müller Fleisch GmbH, Bayreuther Fleisch GmbH, Ulmer Fleisch GmbH, Ingolstädter Fleisch GmbH and Süddeutsches Schweinfleischzentrum GmbH are all located in southern Germany, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

Over 320,000 cattle and 2,100,000 pigs are slaughtered, butchered and marketed at the sites every year.
In addition, Müller Fleisch produces self-service meat at its Birkenfeld site.

Our high capacity levels enable optimal sorting, a high degree of flexibility and flawless delivery to all customers in the trade, food retailing and meat industries.

Thanks to our decades of expertise and experience in the production and marketing of meat, we've succeeded in establishing ourselves in all well-known international markets.

Our comprehensive product range includes all items in the beef, veal, pork and offal product groups - fresh, vacuum-packed and frozen - in addition to all types of self-service products.

The meat specialists from southern Germany, making their mark all over the world!